Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cluck, cluck!


No lie-in for me this morning. I did breakfast with the boy, conscious of the fact that I would be an absent parent today, as the main part of dear friend's hen was scheduled.

It started with a pedicure in town. I was very impressed with their work, in transforming my hobbit-like feet into something I don't have to hide in Converse all-year round.

Pamper over, we had an alfresco brunch in the sunshine, Dolphin Derby on the pier, bucks fizz on the beach, and an afternoon cream tea. I love spending quality time with girlfriends old and new, and felt no guilt whatsoever, as Dexter was getting quality time with his daddy.

I saw both of my boys briefly in the early evening. Dexter allowed his mummy first dibs on the bathroom to get ready for the evening's events. I got a quick, pyjama-clad, smiley goodbye.

After a very tasty meal at my favourite Brighton haunt, Bill's, we headed to a club. Despite embracing heels and hotpants with great gusto, by midnight I was flagging, and my chest wasn't happy.

I made like Cinderella and hailed down a Brighton pumpkin to take me home. After reflecting (very briefly) on the nights when I could stay out until six the next morning, bed was a very welcome sight - as was the webcam baby monitor on my bedside table. I've changed.

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