Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Shoes


The final day of the extended bank holiday today; I am grateful to Her Maj for the half past ten lie-in.

Team Wayne finally left the house together this afternoon. According to the Clarks 'Magical Book of Truth'/booklet that came with his Cruisers, Dexter is due to have his feet measured again.

He had great fun crawling round Clarks, smiling at himself in the many mirrors. The boy has gone up by half a size apparently. We purchased some 'Doodles' - a lighter summer shoe. Coincidentally, they are a rather patriotic red, white and blue.

You can't quite tell from today's #366 photograph, but Dexter's outfit also features the three ubiquitous colours, including a top covered in toy soldiers. I have failed spectacularly to embrace the patriotism of the past few days, largely because I have no interest in the Royal Family, and I'm off for half term anyway. Perhaps I'll keep the boy's Doodles in his baby keepsake box when he's outgrown them, just to remind him of this little moment of history. This will probably be lower maintenance than my alternative idea of buying a souvenir corgi...

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