Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mixed emotions


I forgot to eat breakfast this morning, so I stopped at the garage for coffee and a croissant. I was standing behind a guy in a smart work shirt and trousers in the queue. Dexter kept trying to chuck himself at the unsuspecting fella, until I had to explain that my boy thought he was his daddy. Awkward.

The day went by in a blur. Gone is the golden age of teaching when the summer term was a time for winding-down. I'm almost looking forward to September and having a straightforward timetable without all the extras thrown in.

My department organised a cream tea after school, for a lovely colleague about to start her maternity leave. She's due very soon, and already has another child under two. I really admire how she's kept going, always with a smile on her face, doing it for the working mums!

As ever, Dexter was overjoyed to see his (actual) daddy this evening, especially as he was home in time to do bath time. There was a slightly hairy moment when the boy ran with enthusiasm into the door as the husband was opening it. There were some tears, and then he seemed okay again. That's kind of reflective of how I'm feeling this week.

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