Thursday, 19 April 2012

'What have you done today to make me feel proud?'


Some of the young people I work with made me feel proud today. My lovely, lovely A Level group all handed in a really important piece of A2 coursework on time. It's not always that usual for all of your students to meet a deadline, especially at such a pressured time of year for exam groups. They've worked really hard on it, and despite my long-standing hatred of marking in general, I'm looking forward to seeing what they have come up with.

I felt proud of a student facing real personal adversity, but turning it into a positive to support others in the same situation, in a really public and constructive way.

It's made me think of the parental pride I already have flashes of, that hopefully will grow as Dexter gets older and as he achieves more milestones. I hope I will feel proud of the husband and me that we crack this parenting malarkey and manage to unleash a functional, well-adjusted boy on the world.

With a slightly celebratory feel in the air, dear lift-share friend and I decided that dinner in our lovely local was definitely in order - clelebrating the fact that we'd made it through another bonkers day and the weekend's in sight.

My favourite moment was when I gave a chip to the boy from my plate. He inhaled the whole lot in one go, reminiscent of the romantic spaghetti scene in 'Lady and the Tramp'. Proud.

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