Monday, 30 April 2012

Heads or Tails?


Sometimes, life just feels like two opposing sides of the same coin. Today was Monday and the start of another week. But it was a gentle introduction to another five-day stint as I started the day with a free lesson and a Library lesson with a lovely group.

I taught an enjoyable lesson after break focusing on a poem which contrasts a Caribbean island with a dismal London day. We all decided we'd prefer to be on the island; in reality, I'd probably get bored quite quickly.

I had a long department meeting after school, but it did give me the opportunity to discuss some things with my boss which I now feel much better about.

Lift-share ladies and I didn't leave the school building until a quarter past five, but it was beautifully sunny when we stepped outside. The rain has finally stopped.

I was told that Dexter had a grumpy hour at nursery today, but he was all smiles on his favourite trike in the playground when I collected him.

I couldn't park outside the house. When we got into the house though, the cleaner had been and it's spotless.

Monday's the day I get least time with the boy. In the brief time before bed however, he practised some more of his standing. He's getting steadier and steadier.

He took ages to go to sleep. It's gone nine o'clock now and I've just looked in on him. He's flat out, slumbering peacefully. Priceless.

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