Saturday, 28 April 2012

Let them eat cake!


Lie-in and Waitrose: done. No real plans for the rest of this weekend, which makes a refreshing change. The weather is still horrific  - a refreshing change it is not.

We still trundled into Brighton. It's the general default plan, as it's just pretty straightforward. The husband was having his haircut, so I pushed the sleeping boy around in the rain, trying (unsuccessfully) to purchase various birthday gifts.

By the time Team Wayne was reunited, it was getting late, Dexter had woken up and I was thorougly soaked and miserable. Tea and cake were required. Cue a trip to Bill's. The husband had a piece of pavlova the size of a dustbin lid; I opted for scones with jam and cream. We ordered Dexter his own tea cake, which he demolished with gusto. He was really well-behaved, and being on super-cute form. There was just something rather lovely about hunkering down in cosy surroundings, imbibing caffeine and carbs, and hanging out with my boys. I almost forgot about the weather...

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