Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Cold Snap


Today's #366 photograph captures Dexter striking a pose that has become very familiar this week. He has become obsessed with staring out of the back door (I have caught him licking the actual glass on a number of occasions), with a quiet yearning for the outdoors.

My parents have a lovely garden. It is big and flat, with a swing, a little trampoline and several ride-on bikes. Sadly, this door-framed view of it is the closest the boy has got to exploring this week. It is freezing. No amount of my mother's reminiscing about last week's 't-shirt weather' is going to convince me to a) take the boy outside or b) remove my enormous, heavy, super-warm maternity winter coat that I have fallen back in love with (despite not being pregnant) and have brought oop North with me.

Today, the boy and I paid a brief visit to a family member who lives in North Wales. We drove through an actual snow flurry, and the skyline boasted a vista of snow-covered mountains. 

I'm afraid, Dexter dude, you're staying this side of the glass. You're a southern boy: you won't cope.


  1. Beautiful maybe take him back to the north for a fortnight to get him used to the cold?

    Jane @ nothernmum

    1. Good idea. Don't want him to be as 'nesh' as his mother...