Friday, 6 April 2012

Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right...


Good Friday has been good. It started with a big lie-in for Team Wayne (ten o'clock if you will), followed by a brilliant brunch of 'special scrambled eggs': scrambled eggs with anything else left in the fridge chucked in. There was a minor blip involving a Vesuvius-esque nappy explosion followed by mandatory military-style shower and scrub.

When we finally left the house, the sun was out (I took my puffa off for twenty five whole minutes), and Brighton had that laid back, bank holiday, jollyday vibe going on which I love so much. The main mission of the day was to get the boy kitted out with some shoes. He's increasingly keen to be on his feet, and increasingly in need of a little support in the foot area.

In a flashback to my own youth, we trotted along to Clarks, where he was measured (three and a half,G), and kitted out with the latest 'Lad Cruisers'. And just how pleased does he look in today's #366 photograph?! I was not quite so thrilled upon checking out the 'First Shoes' welcome pack, to discover that we have to take him back in six to eight weeks, potentially to get a new pair. A horse in full work gets more use out of its footwear.

We also treated the boy to his very own little push-along walker to get best use out of his new shoes. Several laps of the living room floor and a new bout of tooth/gum ache later, the boy was ready for his bed. I have made a start on some of his Easter treats - I'm selflessly thinking of those developing teeth... 

I'm also hoping for another lie-in tomorrow. I love Easter.

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