Monday, 2 April 2012

Coffee and catching-up


Despite it being April, the weather in Manchester seems to be suffering from some sort of seasonal confusion disorder. Today's plan was a visit to the park with two of my school friends and their children. It ended up being a catch-up over coffee at the local David Lloyd; pleasingly, the idea of actual exercise was never even entertained.

It was lovely catching up with some dear old friends. We've known each other since being eleven years old, and now we have a five year old, a thirteen month old and an eleven week old between us. It was all very civilised. The eldest child played with my youngest niece; tiny baby just chilled out on the laps of various people. Dexter exhausted himself with an extensive game (about three minutes) of 'Peek-a-boo', and then slept.

In the evening, we hooked up again, but this time, without children. Wine was consumed, birth stories exchanged and much reminiscing about school crushes took place. There was crazy-talk of continuing the catch-up somewhere with later opening hours. Fortunately, sleepy suburbia offered no such opportunities. Given that I'm currently sharing a room with Dexter, I think fate was on my side.

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