Sunday, 29 April 2012

Positive mental attitude


I really enjoyed my riding lesson this morning. I was riding a lovely mare who used to be a showjumper in Ireland. She made the jumping completely effortless. I was feeling like quite the pro, channelling my inner Mary King, when my instructor laughed at the look of intense concentration I was sporting whilst tackling the fences.

As all experiences are new/difficult to a fourteen month old, the boy has to do a lot of concentrating himself. Whether it's working out the logistics of a new toy, or turning the pages of a book, Dexter's 'concentration face', involves his mouth gaping open with his tongue hanging out, usually accompanied by a healthy smattering of drool. This is the look I have captured in today's #366 photo. I hope it is not the look I have been perfecting in my riding lessons.

The boy spent all days in his pyjamas - we couldn't be bothered to accompany the husband on another trip to town, as the weather is still rubbish. Some further concentration this afternoon led to Dexter standing unsupported for over three minutes - yup, I timed him. However, it wasn't actually his balance he was focusing on - it was the television. Now if I could just move the screen slightly away from him, he might actually attempt a few steps.

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