Thursday, 12 April 2012



Today the boy and I had a lunch date with a dear old friend from university. My venue of choice was 'Jamie's Italian'. It proved to be a good choice as Dexter devoured a selection of Italian breads, 'funky chips' and rice balls with great gusto. I can never quite contain my disappointment that this Italian doesn't actually serve pizza, but I'm not known for my refinement or sophistication.

Our waitress was lovely and very cool about the carnage Dexter created in the very stylish surroundings. She was somewhat alarmed when I suggested that one of the crayons from the children's little amusement pack may well have gone the way of the funky chips - and I don't mean on the floor. The boy didn't seem too perturbed. His nappies are already pretty colourful.

Post-lunch, I scooted round the shops whilst the boy snoozed in his buggy. In every shop I visited, I picked a load of things up to buy, did some swift mental calculations and then put them all back again. The spreadsheet this month doesn't allow for fancy lunches and new outfits. It doesn't matter at all. I'm just really relishing the Dexter-time, catching up with friends time and chilling out time. It's a long old term coming up...

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