Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Water Music


Today was one of those days at school that really reminds me I work at a comprehensive: this is a good thing. A rather lively break duty was juxtaposed against working with some of our younger, but gifted students. It was a pleasure to see them really rise to the challenge of working in a completely different context, taken off timetable and given the creative freedom that a jam-packed curriculum doesn't always allow for.

It transpired today that I would definitely not have been put on the same list as these super-star students as I realised this morning I had forgotten my door keys again. So despite leaving school a little earlier than normal, lift-share friend and I had some time to kill whilst I waited for the husband to get home. Starbucks was the obvious choice (Am I becoming a tad predictable?) and we revisited the scene of last week's baby freefall. Thankfully, Dexter didn't seem too bothered and was happy to play with my phone while we swigged our drinks.

A bonus side-effect of the forgotten keys was that the husband got home slightly earlier than usual. We were therefore both there to witness Dexter's own achievement today: climbing up all of the stairs. Bathtime was a family affair - not all of us in the tub at once - but Daddy taking charge of (gentle) washing, whilst I serenaded us with several ditties on Dexter's special bath time, fill 'em with water, musical flutes. It felt a little like the 'Jazz Flute' scene in 'Anchorman', but Dexter seemed to be amused by several squeaky renditions of classic nursery rhymes.

The boy was zonked after his bath as he's taken to sporadically dropping his afternoon nap. I need to bank some early nights this week too in preparation for an epic parents' evening on Thursday...

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