Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Funday


Easter Sunday, and the boy discovered a love of hot cross buns, but pleasingly not chocolate buttons - I will obviously not let them go to waste.

We went to the christening of a dear friend's baby boy this afternoon. I am not remotely religious, but the little country church was beautiful and it did seem appropriate to be there on a day like today. Dexter was very well behaved. He 'read' his robot book and clapped in all the wrong places during the service. He also enjoyed the post-service celebratory tea and managed to cover Mummy and Daddy's Sunday best in sandwich and cup cake.

It was lounge wear all round when we returned home, and the boy got some more practice in with his new walker. He has realised he can transport books/his milk/himself round in it, which obviously adds a whole new exciting dimension. The cats look worried.

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