Monday, 9 April 2012

Bank holiday chilling


Bank holiday Monday: naturally, it poured down and was windy and freezing cold. The boy and I remained in pyjamas all day.

Dexter had an epic snooze in the afternoon, just short of three and a half hours. I really think he's stocking-up to keep him going through another hectic seven weeks of early mornings, long car journeys and the Early Years Curriculum.

His lack of routine during the holidays generally doesn't bother me, but today it meant that tea-time was all out of sync, and consequently, Dexter rejected a home-made pasta dish and a beloved child's chicken korma ready meal (M&S don't you know). He still managed to squeeze in a fromage frais. It has motivated me to get him a bit more back on nursery time this week, which is no bad thing as it means that I have to drag my lazy bones out of bed too.

The husband finally got round to making some banana muffins with the over-ripe bunch of bananas that have been adorning the kitchen table all week. Dexter was hysterical at the sound of the butter and sugar being beaten together in the food processor. It was all a bit too much for the little chap and he was back in bed by seven o'clock.

My mum has a theory that babies 'come on' in their sleep. If that really is true, I'm growing a little pet Einstein up there...


  1. you have a husband who makes banana muffins? wow!

    Jane @ northernmum

  2. He's desperate to make a Victoria sponge...