Friday, 20 April 2012

Keeping calm (and carrying on)


Fridays are always mental. Today though, things just sort of washed over me. Our Friday morning pit-stop meant we arrived at nursery, and therefore work, rather later than usual. I did not fret.

I had a whole day of lessons. The way they are timetabled usually finishes me off by lunchtime. Today, all was very chilled; I enjoyed myself.

Aside from a brief moment of panic in the school car park, when a colleague had accidentally blocked me in (making me two whole minutes late for nursery pick-up), we got home at a reasonable time. Dexter had been chilling out on his special trike in the Huffle playground when I collected him. He'd had some moments of calm in his day ie. epic naps, and some moments of 'emotion' (bloomin' teeth).

When the husband got home to take over, I even had the strength to tackle the supermarket shop, just to get it done. This achievement was rewarded by some good parking karma, only making me feel calmer.

The obligatory glass of chilled white and collapsing on the sofa, made for a calm end to the day.  Sometimes, just sometimes, those (metaphorical) plates remain spinning without too much stress. I am not yet contemplating the potential 'storm' that may bring some crashing down - it is the weekend after all.

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