Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pack up your troubles...


Had 'school dreams' last night: grim. Blew the cobwebs off with a very bracing ride on a slightly pesky pony. When I returned, the husband had taken the boy into town to catch up with some friends who were in Brighton to take part in the marathon.

I ducked out of the reunion, as I had to pop to Sainsbury's (there is just too much glamour in my life), and catch up with a friend for coffee. And so the child-free afternoon was dedicated to school work and chores, as are all of my Sundays at the end of the school holidays.

The bag was packed by nine o'clock this evening. I'm going to try really hard to get the balance right this term. It surely can't be completely impossible? I'm trying to feel positive about returning to the grindstone. Dexter will be glad to see Sarah and the girls, and he'll be back in his routine. I will appreciate the weekends and holidays even more.

I will never be positive about the six o'clock alarm call. 'Night 'night. 

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