Thursday, 26 April 2012

Losing balance (without falling off)


Today's talking point is not really about Dexter's day. Our time in the car is all I had with him today. I finished my working day with a three hour Year 7 Parents' Evening, during which I talked to in excess of forty-five sets of parents. I lost my voice towards the end of it, and was being proffered water and Strepsils by students and parents. It was lovely though, to praise students and reassure parents that their babies are doing really well and that I am genuinely doing my best for them. I am increasingly conscious that it really won't be that long before I am on the other side of that desk.

When I got in just after nine o'clock, I was capable of little more than a hot bath and bed. As I have an unhealthy addiction to Twitter, I went through my usual pre-sleep skip through my Twitter feed on my phone. I ended up having a tweet conversation with a woman called Emma Cannon. She's an acupuncturist, fertility and natural health consultant and author. I read one of her books when we decided to have a baby, and it was because of her I really embraced acupuncture. As I flopped into bed, anxious about the five day lesson that is facing me tomorrow, and fearing that one of the many 'spinning plates' would come crashing to the floor, she sent me this message: 'Losing balance occasionally is part of a balanced life and Love is the goal.'

I think it may become my new mantra. 'Night. zzzzz

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