Thursday, 5 April 2012

Homeward Bound


My mum let me sleep until eleven this morning. Bliss. My batteries are in need of some serious recharging. When I woke up, the boy was out in his buggy with Granddad, on one of Granddad's thrice-daily trips to Sainsbury's - ah, the joys of retirement!

Today was heading back to Brighton time, but not before a big family breakfast, a catch-up with some more extended family members and having to borrow a suitcase to take home instead of my holdall, as Dexter has procured a number of Easter gifts.

Today's #366 photo is of the boy in the car park at Manchester airport. He looks quite chilled-out in the picture; he didn't remain quite so laid back for the remainder of the journey. Getting home was just a bit tedious. The boy was tired, tetchy and toddler-ish. Fortunately, various airport staff/members of the public were helpful with lifting/carrying/waiting patiently.

The poor boy's teeth are really bothering him. He's been proudly sporting just the two for about four months now - I definitely think some more are on the way. Dexter flashed a particularly broad (but gummy) smile as we turned the corner into 'Arrivals': Daddy had come to pick us up. Order was restored.

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