Saturday, 21 April 2012

A connection with the past


Fell asleep mid-way through Graham Norton's chatshow last night, and Dexter didn't wake up until almost eight o'clock: now that's how I know my weekend has started.

After some breakfasting, ablutions and packing, Team Wayne was hurtling its way to West London to stay with some friends whom we haven't seen for ages. Said friends are currently living in a fabulous big house with its own guest floor, have a nine month old (we've never met) and a three year old, and are incredibly chilled-out and laid back. I felt that my relaxed day yesterday had perfectly prepared me for spending time in such company. I had no concerns that the length of time we hadn't seen them for would pose any problems.

The day panned out exactly as hoped for, with no real need to do anything apart from eating, chatting and playing. I really admire this couple's sense of style and was particularly impressed that their children get to play with some genuine Fisher Price original classic toys that have been lovingly stored away in a family loft.

Dexter was completely taken with the 'activity centre' - the same toy I cherished as a favourite in my childhood. It's garish and plasticky, but thirty years on, looks cool and retro too. I loved the fact that he was so engaged by something so basic and classic at the same time.

Prior to the boy's arrival in the world, the husband and I harboured the rather romantic notion that Dexter would own a haul of stylish, wooden, hand-painted playthings. He does have some of these, but of course, there is the obligatory bag of garish, plastic, flashing loot as well. Today made me reconsider simply passing them on to a younger child/charity shop in favour of keeping some token favourites as mementoes. I'm hoping our friends' love of the classic and retro has worn off on Dexter, and he'll be able to appreciate both the simple and special things from his own childhood.

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