Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Civilised soft play


I am writing today's post at quarter past two in the afternoon. I am aware that this is only halfway through the day, but I am showing off. True to yesterday's resolution, when the boy awoke at half past seven this morning, we both stayed up. Consequently, by ten o'clock, we were up, fed, dressed, out and hurtling our way to collect dear friend, Hannah, and the delicious Lady Lottie.

Hannah had convinced me to visit a soft-play centre on the basis that it is not the bowels of Hades/Monkey Bizness (which I hate). It was so lovely, calm, clean and colourful, that I am not even going to reveal where it was. It must remain a closely-guarded secret.

The boy was off to a slow start. Whilst Lottie gleefully crawled onto the miniature bouncy castle, I placed Dexter on it who immediately lay face-down and cried. He perked up in the 'Under Eighteen Months' section, and was all giggles at being pushed backwards and forwards repeatedly on a small, plastic, push-along toy.

The babies had their lunch there/Dexter decorated the table with a banana muffin. The coffee was good, and we were home, with the boy fast asleep in his cot by quarter to one. I have caught up on some washing and some blogging. Dexter continues to recharge his tiny batteries. The sun is shining. We may even squeeze in a visit to the park this afternoon.

Easter holidays are the best!


  1. Replies
    1. It was, and may have cured my aversion to soft play centres. I assume you meant the venue and not the blog - or maybe both?!

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    1. Way better than Christmas in my opinion. Chocolate and (some) sunshine!