Monday, 5 March 2012

Tums and Bums


Monday, Monday: another epic day. A cover, four lessons of my own and an hour and a half meeting.

Always a slightly later collection time from nursery at the beginning of the week due to regular Monday meetings. Always slightly guilty at how few little 'uns are still waiting to be collected at half past five - the giving up guilt thing isn't working particularly well.

The boy was without the obligatory poppered vest I'd sent him off with this morning. The reason for shedding a layer had nothing to do with the weather. Ironically, today has been absolutely freezing compared to last week's sniff of Spring. Dexter had not been adjusting to seasonal variations in temperature, but indulging in some 'play' involving whipped cream (the mind boggles), and troughing on some Angel Delight (that was not in the lunchbox either). The vest came under dairy attack.

Yet again, I am grateful (good to counter the guilt), that Dexter gets to enjoy some creative (for creative, read messy) play, and I merely have to chuck his vest in the washing machine - and let him watch it spinning round, naturally.

I couldn't resist today's #366 photo opportunity, and a cheeky flash of that rotund belly. The husband was on bath duty and informs me that the boy also had a promising 'builder's crack', whilst leaning over the edge of the tub, watching it being filled up.

My little cherub.

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