Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day


Sunday: Mothering Sunday. It wasn't quite the luxurious day of treats that I had imagined. Dexter was in bed with us at six o'clock this morning. He has taken to waking up, not wanting milk, but not really knowing what to do with himself. We can just about get him back to sleep if we squeeze him in with us.

I then made breakfast for us all, before going for my riding lesson. I rode a horse called Amanda: this amuses me.

We had plans to go to Noah's first birthday party at a local park. Noah is the last of the NCT babies to turn one: a defining moment.

I can't think of anything more fitting than spending Mother's Day with my boys and our NCT buddies, who started this whole crazy journey with us. It's pretty nuts to see the 'babies' walking and talking in some cases. Today's #366 photo shows how Dexter mainly spent the party: asleep.

It was a lovely afternoon, and managed to distract me temporarily from sulking about my lack of dazzling jewels/designer handbag/bunch of daffs. The husband did make a delicious dinner though, which allowed me to get most of my work done for tomorrow and catch up with some blogging.

I'm hoping for a calmer week. We'll see...

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