Saturday, 24 March 2012

Rural Relaxation


Well huzzah for the weekend! No real lie-in, although I did manage to feign complete lack of consciousness this morning so that the husband had to do the whole morning routine with the boy. 

The main job of the morning was to pack up the car for a day trip to the in-laws in the depths of the Kent countryside. It really took me back to those early days of packing the contents of your entire house/Mothercare just to pop to Starbucks for a cuppa. These pet babies still don't travel light, but with a concerted Team Wayne effort, a car boot full of kit, and Dexter strapped into his (all-too-familiar) car seat, we were on the road by eleven o'clock: that never happens.

Dexter and I snoozed all the way. Result. And we arrived just in time for a delicious lunch: she shoots, she scores!

Now when I say 'the depths of the countryside', I am in no way exaggerating. Dexter's paternal grandparents live in a real rural idyll. At the risk of wishing his life away, I can't wait for him to be old enough/mobile enough to appreciate the joys of playing in the woods, playing tractors with granddad and chasing chickens. We did do a little post-lunch chicken spotting, and Dexter 'helped' to feed the strange prehistoric-looking poultry. This obviously largely consisted of attempting to put the bird seed into his own mouth.

The boy's a little grumpy at the moment, and his latest 'thing' is only wanting to be with Daddy. I am trying not to take this too personally...

Today's #366 photo is of Dexter having a bucolic moment of reflection, or at least enjoying the strange sensation of having a little damp grass beneath his feet. My literary heart wants me to think he was channelling a young and contemplative John Clare; my practical head makes me think he was just enjoying the tickling sensation and the late afternoon sun.

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