Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pets on Parade


Today was day two of Huffle's 'Pet Week'. I don't think I made reference to it yesterday, largely due to the fact that the 'pet of the day' was a cat. Feedback from nursery was that Dexter was distinctly nonplussed by said feline. I suspect this was largely due to the fact that we have two furry inmates at home.

Today however, was a different story. Dougie the hamster made a cameo appearance, and the boy loved him! I was given a whole set of hilarious photos of Dexter's encounter with the dinky rodent. I was slightly alarmed by reports of him attempting to 'bat' the poor little creature, as he does with his dummies/toys/anything with wheels, but boy and hamster were under close supervision at all times.

I had a pet hamster when I was about twelve. He was named John-Paul (after the Pope - I was a somewhat eccentric child), and lived to the ripe old age of three and a half, before being put to sleep due to some form of hamster dementia.

I have promised Dexter that he can have a pet hamster when the moggies are no longer with us. As Mike is agoraphobic and never leaves the flat, and Noo Noo is likely to survive (along with the cockroaches) in the event of a nuclear holocaust, I fear the boy may be waiting some time...

For now, he'll have to make do with his animal jigsaw pieces featured in today's #366 photo. He loves 'batting' them around too and furiously gnawing on them. Looks like the hamster got away lightly after all. 

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