Thursday, 15 March 2012

Duvet Day (I wish)


This was Dexter this morning. I appreciate this is a terrible, unfocused and blurry picture. At six o'clock this morning, I was feeling terrible, unfocused and blurry.

I also knew that, aside from our journey to school, I was not going to see the boy for the rest of the day.

I managed to get through another day's lessons and avoided further Ofsted observations. There was then only the small matter of a mentor meeting with a trainee teacher and a three hour parents' evening.

On returning home, I spent fifteen minutes trying to park and still ended up three streets away. Aaaargh!

Dexter had been collected from nursery by the lift-share ladies who had taken him for a quick scoot around Sainsbury's and Starbucks.

I had to settle for a late-night peek and stroke of the hair. I love my job and I'm thrilled I've had some affirmation that I'm doing okay at it, but I'd quite like to give the same quality input other people's children are having from me at the moment, to my own boy.

One more day...

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