Thursday, 22 March 2012

Stop the ride - I want to get off!


Today's #366 photo is not 'smug showing off' - far from it. It's more potent symbolism of the demands my job sometimes makes of me. Another parents' eve. I genuinely don't mind them; they sometimes border on enjoyable. Tonight's was Sixth Form, so more enjoyable than usual, and lots of 'thank yous' as the next phase in my students' education comes to a close.

I'm just so darn tired. Anyone who moans about the holidays teachers get should try doing the job. I have an early start, a long commute, a nursery run, and the none-too insignificant matter of planning, teaching and marking. Chuck in a regular number of meetings and the end result is pretty much constant exhaustion.

Poor old Dexter feels it too. He has a constant cold, bed-head, and no desire to drop his (quite lengthy) daytime naps.

I often feel like a ball in an arcade pinball machine, whizzing around the place, bashing from pillar to post. I'm hoping the imminent Easter break will render the boy and me more like a pair of floating rubber ducks in a funfair 'grab a duck' game: quiet, serene, just gently bobbing along - and only ready to be hoiked out of the water with the start of a new term.

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