Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lunching in Lewes


Today was the first birthday of Lottie, one of Dexter's little buddies. Sadly for Little Lady L, she'd had a nasty bug, so our plans to join birthday-girl and her family at Drusillas Zoo Park were cancelled.

The husband and I decided instead to spend the afternoon in Lewes. Before we were married, we used to visit Lewes quite a lot, to browse the antique shops and enjoy the relative quiet and more civilised experience than a Saturday afternoon venture into Brighton offers.

Today, we mainly spent the entire time there having lunch. I had to share my fishcakes and chunky chips with the boy. I don't do sharing food, and a family lunch is a real test of my parentally-enforced altruism. I basically ended up eating about a half of one fishcake, while Dexter scoffed the rest. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to be quite so interested in the husband's Caesar salad. Fortunately, the boy was asleep by the time the latte and giant piece of banoffee cake arrived.

Dexter had woken up from his post-lunch snooze when we were ready to pay the bill. Today's #366 photo shows the response our lovely waitress got when she tried chatting to the boy. Apparently, Dexter's current new obsession with blowing raspberries is all part of his language acquisition. I hope he's got a few more appropriate words by the time he's out lunching with friends...

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