Saturday, 31 March 2012

'Me' time


I walked into town on my own at half past ten this morning. I had an almost solitary Starbucks breakfast, aside from the company of a giant seagull, whose ability to swallow half a round of fruit toast whole, alarmed me.

I then spent two and a half blissful hours at the hairdressers. I had two head massages, drank gallons of coffee, read ridiculous magazines (Tatler - not sure I am their target audience), and emerged a lot poorer, without massively different hair...

Embracing this indulgent child-free time, I did some make-up shopping. I have now blown my sensible savings plan established by the husband, but hey, I feel a lot better.

I was joined in the afternoon by the husband, the boy and a friend of ours with his little boy. We strolled along the seafront to the beach-side kids' playground. Friend's little boy ran round for ages, playing with sand and whizzing down the slide: Dexter slept.

Today's #366 photo is of the boy with his Saturday night curry. Weekends really do rock.

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