Wednesday, 21 March 2012



Stuff Google, I've always believed today to be the first day of Spring, and Mother Nature seems to agree, as today was the perfect Spring day.

Sadly, I was inside for all of it, but Dexter indulged in some outdoor bubble play at nursery, which seemed to involve him sitting in his vest outside in a soapy tray of bubbles. Apparently he loved it. They've given me some lovely pictures of him, which do reflect the fun he's having, but bizarrely, don't really look like him. He's changing and progressing all the time at the moment. I can't wait for the two week Easter holidays to share in some of this.

Whilst the boy was sliding around in foam, I was grappling with a zillion spreadsheets which have to be completed for my classes to show the progress they are making. Life just seems to be one great mission to strive for the next rung on the ladder at the moment.

After school, lovely lift-share friend and I dropped in on (equally lovely) former lift-share lady, currently enjoying her maternity leave. Her (almost) three month old baby looked so little next to Dexter. He was sporting some of Dexter's old socks, which I can't believe ever fitted the boy.

Dexter demonstrated his progress further, by joining in with the grown-ups and having a teatime biscuit. Sadly, he's still got some way to go in the eating department. I'm not sure that today's #366 photo quite captures the complete mess the boy made with a single 'Kimberley' biscuit. Nor does it feature me, absolutely covered in the fall-out. I was in such a state, that I briefly considered changing my name to Kimberley. Alternatively, Dexter needs to make friends with a plate.

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