Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A crazy day


This was Dexter after his evening bath. I swear I can see complete contempt in his eyes. I may of course be being over-sensitive. He would be totally within his rights to be looking disdainful. I did not see him at all this morning. The husband took him to nursery. I collected him from nursery at six. Today was full-on.

First day of the inspection and I was observed teaching twice; the first observation was a joint one by the Head and the lead inspector. The students were fab. I sort of felt prepared - largely due to my late night and a lengthy phonecall to a massively talented teacher-friend, herself a working mummy. I couldn't really tell how it had gone.

I wasn't expecting to be observed again after lunch. I felt like that lesson was a disaster. The whole process leaves you feeling very professionally exposed.

To cut a long story short, my lesson feedback was really positive. It was a massive boost. Having returned to work in September after my maternity leave, my professional confidence has taken quite a knock. I try really really hard to be a good teacher still, albeit one with a different set of priorities. I was thrilled to have official recognition, that when I'm in the classroom, I can still do it.

I flew by the seat of my pants all day, fuelled by one of Pat's strong coffees and four bottles of water. It's a terrible, terrible admision, but I barely gave the boy a second thought - the whole inspection process doesn't give you that luxury. I stayed up again working until well past midnight.

There is nothing 'outstanding' about my parenting this week. Sorry dude.

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