Friday, 2 March 2012

End-of-the-week Blues


It's been a long week, and I really felt my later than usual night yesterday when the alarm went off this morning. Even Pat's strong coffee failed to make a full-day's teaching any less exhausting.

We stopped off at a local country pub on the way home to catch up with a former colleague. Dexter was tired and hadn't had his tea, but was very well-behaved and seemed to be relatively entertained by the pub's light fittings and little scruffy dog lounging out in front of the open fire.

To be honest, we were both pretty glad to get home. I'd reached that point of exhaustion where even my hair seems to hurt, and my legs ache so much it feels as though a steam roller has been over them.

Today's delightful #366 photo is of Dexter at tea-time. He could barely keep his eyes open, and was doing some annoying banging of his water cup on the table. I 'tell him off' for doing this, and it is interesting to observe his increasing awareness of being told 'no'. After some repetitive bashing of the beaker on the tray of his highchair, a firm 'No!' from me was met with an upside down mouth and Dexter dropping his head to look at the floor. It was all I could do to keep a straight face as his reaction was a complete textbook sulk. I didn't want to undermine my successful discipline by laughing at him!

There was nothing rock or roll about Friday evening. I put the boy to bed with no bath; he was just too tired. I was tucked up by quarter past nine. Sometimes, you've just got to. 

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