Monday, 26 March 2012

Glass half full


Dexter is Lord Grump of Grumpsville at the moment. Sarah's feedback at the nursery pick-up today was: 'He's been emotional.'

I am quite grumpy at the moment. I'm not feeling one hundred percent, I've got bad hair, and I'm still harbouring a simmering resentment at losing an hour at the weekend. I will get over this.

Now I know the start of British Summertime heralds the start of lighter evenings and the countdown to the glorious summer holidays, but that's still quite a long way off.

The only thing to put a smile on the boy's face this evening (aside from Daddy coming home, naturally), was Dexter's talking and singing plastic bus. I can't say its incessant, pseudo-electronica sounds have the same mood enhancing effect on me.

I am feeling celebratory at the moment though about this blog. I've been receiving some really positive feedback and affirmation in various forms, so thank you. It's become a real labour of love.

And just like the gorgeous smile above, it reminds me to be positive too.

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