Sunday, 11 March 2012

House Hunting (or not)


Another beautiful Spring day. I had another lovely riding lesson this morning, but the crisp and sunny day rendered some of my equine friends a little more flighty than usual. There were quite a few prancing ponies and a (not too serious) fall.

Change is definitely in the air - something the husband and I seemed to pick up on. Our 'life plans' seem to change on a weekly basis; one particular area which we seem to be particularly contrary about is the issue of where we live. As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, we love where we are, but we'd love an extra bedroom, our own garden and somewhere to park!

We decided to spend the afternoon having a little drive around the county and we investigated some new-build developments in towns and villages beyond Brighton. All in all, it was quite a depressing experience and we came to the conclusion that we're not yet ready to live in an isolated location without any heart, however convenient in other ways.

On the way back, we stopped off in Lewes, where we spent last Saturday. We ended up having an early dinner in Bill's. Dexter enjoyed squishing some chips and throwing them on the floor.

On our return to Brighton, we even managed to park on our road. I'm resisting my daily look at the 'Rightmove' website, and I've got some lessons to plan.

Change can wait.

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