Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Word up!


Dexter and I had a lovely morning at the park with Stella and Arthur this morning. The boy had a slight disagreement with a swing, so was a little clingy after that. He was also a tad reluctant to share Arthur's ball with him. I think it's a little early to really get him to understand sharing yet.

It's not however, too early for him to be saying some words; however, Dexter is not, hence this afternoon's visit to the doctor. She was lovely - kind and supportive - but I have been given some 'homework' (a book recommendation and a gentle suggestion to forgo the tv and radio for quiet time, reinforcing key words). I feel a bit rubbish. I feel like I've not been doing my 'mum job' properly. I feel sure that Dexter will never speak.

He's very good at climbing up steps though.

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