Monday, 27 August 2012

The strop department


Well, the boy showed his true colours today. On a lovely family visit to my step-sister's house, Dexter was generally temperamental but naturally ate an enormous lunch and had a big sleep in my niece's cot. Poor old (young) Ada had to forgo her afternoon snooze due to the tiny squatter in her bed.

On the way back, mum and I went in the local John Lewis store. Dexter got new shoes and his first duvet. He was a maniac. He just wants to walk/run/stagger everywhere. Think my mum was quite surprised by the epic tantrums he threw when trying to evade capture by Mummy/Grandma. We resorted to wedging him into a highchair in the cafe, with a view of the road outside, while he sulked and inhaled a tuna sandwich. I would love someone to buy me a pair of new shoes and a transport-themed duvet cover (okay, not the latter), but it seems the boy just wants to roam.

His wander-lust was satisfied in the late afternoon by a stint of playing in the garden with Grandad. Naturally, he headed for the gravel and soil. Fortunately, new shoes remained in the box and I squeezed him into his ageing Doodles: terrible parenting tip number 87. 

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