Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lost for words?


Today, Dexter had a ball! Grandma and Grandad took care of him this morning while I enjoyed a lie-in; this obviously makes for a happy mummy. They then took him swimming. He LOVED it; I did not love watching him being 'dunked' by Grandad (which Dexter also loved). The boy then ran riot in David Lloyd and went home for a lovely sleep - albeit, a much shorter snooze than normal.

He spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the garden.

My cousin and her mum joined us for dinner. The latter is a primary school teacher, specialising in 'Early Years'. She answered lots of my questions and reassured me about his lack of words. She reckons Dexter just doesn't feel the need to speak as he has all of his needs met. She also thinks his gravel obsession signals a mathematical mind!

My mind put at rest, I enjoyed an evening of catching up and drinking wine with a couple of my best-friends from school. Safe to say, there was no lack of words there!

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