Saturday, 18 August 2012

A tight spot


Boy oh boy today was hot, so it was a really sensible idea to take Dexter on the usually twenty minute round trip to the post office without his buggy. No really.

Just over an hour later, one huge meltdown and several stops at piles of (no doubt dog pee soaked) woodchips later, I had posted some gifts and we were home.

Perhaps an even bigger error was re-visiting the new-build estate mentioned in a previous blog post to view the 'house' that is in our budget. Suffice to say, our two felines need not fear for their lives as there was barely enough room to swing a gerbil, never mind a cat. The husband is convinced that most of the rooms probably contravene some sort of European Human Rights act on the acceptable minimum size for a living space. At a quarter of a million pounds, I'm not prepared to live in a hutch: sad faces all round.

Even sadder for me as on the way home, my exhaust fell off. Hello overdraft, we meet again, like old friends!

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