Friday, 24 August 2012

Everyday we're pootling...


I lunched with the boy in Pret today. I had sushi; he opted for a cheese sandwich. Sod the overdraft - these are my remaining days of freedom.

I've been reading way too many enviable interiors blogs recently during the boy's naps. It inspired me to start a bit of a clear out in his room in the afternoon. His sock drawer is now a work of art in itself.

We did some more reading, and I think he said 'yummy' during his tea. Again, he went to bed dummy-less. It took him a few hours to nod off, but he's done it again!

I've removed the 'magical pot of dreams' from his room (aka: the dummy tin), but don't yet have the courage to get rid of them completely.

Cold turkey can wait - maybe until Christmas! Geddit?!?

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