Wednesday, 1 August 2012

National Play Day


Can't believe we're in August already; still a whole lot of blog posts left to write...

The day got off to a miserable start when I discovered that a hefty monthly loan repayment I've been making for the past four years, had its final payment today. I thought it had finished last month and I would have my holiday money all sorted and a generally happier bank balance. I should have known better. I am terrible with money and am only a teeny bit in control of it due to the spreadsheet the husband staples to my forehead on a regular basis. Guess our upcoming holiday will involve 'le overdraft' after all.

I decided to turn the situation into a sort of positive. I had arranged to meet another lovely NCT mummy friend (Stella) and her gorgeous boy, Arthur, at Hove Park for 'National Play Day'. In a bid to save a few pounds on parking costs, I decided to walk there, pushing the boy in the buggy. Half way through my forty five minute journey, Stella confirmed via a text that parking at the park is free. Really had to dig deep mentally to consider it as a saving on diesel instead.

It started to rain on the journey there and this didn't really stop. It didn't stop the boys from having a lovely time, running around on the damp grass and generally exploring. The only time they stayed still was for a picnic lunch under a tree.

Post-lunch, Arthur was being a friendly little chap and attempting to engage Dexter in some shared play. My anti-social little man didn't quite get it. The picture above on the right, captures the moment where a helpful Master Knight attempted to put a soggy Dexter's hood up. Despite Arthur's gentleness, Dexter ended up on the floor, a moment I just had to capture on film while Stella made sure the boy was okay!

All that running around wore our little pair of adventurers out and they were simultaneously sparko pretty much as soon as they were put back in their matching Maclarens.

After the epic walk home, I was pretty exhausted too. The boy and I had a gentle afternoon of blocks and books. And I didn't spend a bean.

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