Sunday, 19 August 2012



Ten things I loved about Lollibop:

1. It's marketed as: 'The big bash for little people'. Team Wayne felt right at home then.

2. It was held at Regent's Park: both beautiful and mega easy to get to from Brighton, even on a Sunday.

3. I won a family pass worth almost a hundred pounds in a competition, so it was free to get in!

4. The sun shone for pretty much most of the day, apart from a rather dark half an hour during a torrential downpour when we got stuck in the under-fours disco tent with some very bright flashing lights and the Macarena on loop. To quote my friends Stella and Hannah: 'All time low.'

5. Dexter got to stomp around in relative safety. They give all children a wrist band on entry on which you record your mobile number in case they get lost.

6. Dexter still had his afternoon nap; there was a Pimm's tent. You do the math.

7. There was an Ella's Kitchen vending machine dispensing free pouches and snacks.

8. Toilets were plentiful and clean.

9. We didn't go anywhere near the live stage and therefore only had to endure Dick and Dom and the Zingzillas from a distance.

10. We saw the back of Edith Bowman and Masood from Eastenders with his family, twice.

Definitely up for it again next year!

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