Saturday, 11 August 2012

A week to remember


Homeward bound today. We made a very valiant effort to drive into Toulouse. Unfortunately, we only seemed to be able to find the rather edgy outskirts of the city. We'd had a long drive, it was baking hot, the boys were over heating, and so we took the collective decision to head to the airport... seven hours early.

Whilst this sounds completely insane, it really wasn't that bad. I discovered free WiFi and Dexter discovered escalators - check out that smile!

All of his airport exploring meant that the boy was wiped out on the plane journey home. He fell asleep as we landed, fell back to sleep in the taxi home, and did not stir as he was placed gently into his own bed.

What a wonderful week: fabulous company, gorgeous surroundings, beautiful weather, perfect family time.

Happy, happy holidays!

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