Tuesday, 14 August 2012



Today was a good day.

We all had a really good night's sleep. The husband, the boy and I got up for breakfast at half past nine. Oh joy!

Dexter is absolutely loving the freedom to roam around his grandparents' garden and fields, indulge in a bit of chicken bothering and then sleep it all off for three hours or so.

During the boy's epic snooze, we all looked at old family photographs - and marvelled at how much hair the husband had as a baby, and I raided my mother-in-law's collection of vintage clothes. I'm going home armed with a thirty something year old Japanese kimono and a 1970s Indonesian maxi skirt amongst other things. If Dexter ever has a little sister one day, I'll be keeping them for her too.

We all feel so relaxed and switched off from the hectic real world. Long may it last.

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