Saturday, 25 August 2012

Weekend kicks


Today I had real 'weekend fever' - not the one-too-many last night type - but more the real appreciation of a day that is markedly different to the rest of the week. I think my day at school had made me feel a little bit like I've gone back to work.

It's been a lovely day. We met up with a dear old friend for lunch at a sushi restaurant. Dexter had a special children's meal which he demolished, using his hands rather than the little kiddie chopsticks. I demolished my food using my hands too, rather than the regular chopsticks for civilised grown-ups. Despite my love of Japanese food, I'm a complete numpty at eating it properly.

Due to trip to Manchester tomorrow, I switched my riding lesson to this afternoon. I used to ride in exactly the same time-slot on a Saturday when I was a child. It made me feel all nostalgic.

Spent the evening watching crappy tv and making greetings cards (really).

Simple pleasures.

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