Monday, 20 August 2012

Fishy business


The husband returned to work today after his two weeks off. It's our third wedding anniversary today (Leather), and he'd filled my card with lots of colourful hand-cut leather hearts - cute.

Flying solo, it was a mission to leave the house by one. I visited my friend Emma who has a two year old and a seven month old. She's an amazing mummy and a generally fabulous person. She makes the whole mothering of two little'uns look easy. I am not tempted.

Dexter liked their fish tank. Really liked it. He kept trying to 'press' the fish, and when they moved away from his fingers, I think he thought it was a giant aquatic iPad app!

I managed to drag him away to the park with Emma's girls, but we had to leave early to collect my car with its new exhaust.

The husband and I enjoyed some vino and a Thai takeaway to celebrate the anniversary of our nuptials. It felt quite indulgent on a Monday evening. Cripes, what's happened to me?!

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