Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bon voyage!


Oooh, exciting times! En vacances today. After a quick trip out with a whiny toddler to get some Euros, we headed to the airport with Sharon, Andy and their boy, Lenny, in a very sensibly pre-booked, super-early taxi.

Alas, the great orange budget airline does not take such sensible pre-holiday planning into consideration, and we waited in a very under-staffed and quite hot and flustered queue to check in for over an hour. Dexter's self-inflicted face slapping seemed to be attracting some alarmed and concerned looks from our fellow travellers. We had to pay an additional twenty pounds for our overly-heavy suitcase, stuffed with Ella's Kitchen pouches, Pampers and Goodies raisins - a lot of Goodies raisins. Deep joy.

Once through check-in, we got through the family-friendly departures section relatively quickly. Dexter was thrilled at the freedom he was granted to roam around the airport, seemingly unaware of the novelty dinosaur backpack/toddler reins strapped tightly to his back.

After a slightly frenzied rush to the gate, the hour and a half flight to Toulouse was pretty painless (check out our happy faces above). The boy was kept entertained by a combination of the laminated safety card from the seat pocket in front, and his 'Peek-a-boo' apps on the iParent.

After a bit of kerfuffle in sorting out the cars we had hired in France, the brave dads managed the two hour plus drive, late at night, to our final destination. The journey was mental. We only had side lights on for the majority of it, the super-swish car kept turning itself on and off, and there was a slight hiccough at a toll booth, involving me testing my A* in GCSE French (from eighteen years ago), to the max.

Dexter slept through the entire thing, thus ensuring that upon our arrival at our beautiful home for the week, at approximately three in the morning, he was wide-awake, giddy as a kipper, and totally not up for sleeping in the 'Ready-Bed' on the floor. Team Wayne cosied up together for the remainder of the night. Zzzzz.

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