Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The witching hour - in the air


Last day in the Motherland today. One of my friends from last night's social popped round with her seven month old little boy. He's an absolute poppet and she is Super Mummy! Seeing her with her little man made me reflect on my slack mothering skills. I definitely have a sort of 'laissez-faire' approach to child rearing. This does have its advantages in situations where the boy is required to entertain himself. As featured above, he's big on transport at the moment.

Unfortunately, our flight home was an evening one. The boy was tired, fed-up and quite a whinger. I made the most of BA's free drinks trolley, downing a spritzer in record time.

Dexter insisted on walking from the gate all the way to Baggage Reclaim. By the time we got there, our flight's baggage had been cleared and our luggage was personally delivered to me by one of the airport staff.

I was very pleased to be greeted by the husband's taxi service home. He's missed us, and despite a lovely time, we've missed him too.

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