Saturday, 21 July 2012

Weekend loveliness


Having fallen asleep last night before eleven, due to semi-deadness induced by exhaustion, I was up surprisingly early with the boy, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.

We took him for a haircut at nine o'clock. Dexter was most unimpressed and had to be held in a (gentle) headlock by Daddy. He looks so much better though - and about twelve years old.

I spent the afternoon at a friend's house in London with my Book Club ladies. We drank pink fizzy stuff and didn't talk about the book. I cuddled said friend's five week old daughter - such a poppet!

Dexter went to the park with Daddy, and then ate some Indian snacks for his tea. We spent Saturday evening in Waitrose. We're all done in. Lights out before eleven again. It takes me a few weeks in the holidays to become nocturnal.

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