Saturday, 7 July 2012

Playing house


This afternoon, after a lovely long lie-in and leisurely brunch, Team Wayne ventured to an East Sussex village, about a thirty-five minute drive from Brighton. We had decided to act on some of my nightly Right Move browsing and go and take a look at a new housing development.

I think we surprised ourselves by how much we liked the (completely unaffordable) show home. The boy very much enjoyed doing several laps of the open plan downstairs living space. We may go back next weekend to view something a little more affordable; we are already preparing to feel disappointed.

All that viewing wiped the little man out and he slept soundly in the car while the husband and I ate McDonalds in the car park of said salubrious eaterie. We know how to live us Waynes.

The weather is bonkers at the moment, sort of warm, wet and tropical. It's definitely a weekend for some quiet, unglamorous pottering.

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