Monday, 9 July 2012

Good sport


Today was whole-school sports day. It took place at Withdean Stadium - Brighton and Hove Albion's former ground - about five minutes away from my house. I did have the option of a small lie-in and heading straight there. Unfortunately, I had to do the Huffle Shuffle, only to get on a coach and head back to Brighton. The multiple journey start to my day only compounded my cynicism about the whole occasion.

However, upon arriving at the stadium, after a rather noisy coach journey with lots of over-excited Year Seven students, my spirits were lifted by the joyous news that there was a Costa machine on site.

Medium latte in hand, I was responsible for being part of the high jump adjudication team. It was actually really, really enjoyable. There was such a celebratory feeling in the air, the kids were great and it didn't rain. It was also really refreshing to see certain notorious students in a different light - excelling, achieving and making themselves proud.

The boy must have picked up on the good vibes. I was able to collect him earlier than usual, he gave me a big smile and there was no crying. We were back home by quarter past four so there was plenty of time for tea, play and reading. Dexter was in bed by half past six and I had an early night too. I figure that topping up our sleep at the start of the week gives us both a sporting chance of making it to the end of term sustaining a good mood.

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