Sunday, 1 July 2012

Keep on running/walking/falling


Wow-wee, it's July! How did that happen? Dexter was crying again at just after five o'clock this morning. Fortunately, a cuddle and some teething granules sent him back to sleep until about half past eight. The mid point of summer arrived with some torrential downpours and very gusty winds. We had a christening to attend.

In the three hours it took for us all to get ready to go out (yes, three hours), the rain disappeared, the wind lulled a little and it became gloriously sunny. The christening was of a little boy, William. I used to work with his mummy and I'm going to be working with his daddy; they're also lovely friends. Dexter was generally well-behaved in the church, placated with a box of raisins and a robot book.

When we arrived back at the hosts' garden, he just wanted to walk - everywhere. The husband and I realised that we have become those parents: the ones who trail round after a small child at quite a slow pace, looking somewhat fed-up. We used to find the scenario amusing as child-free onlookers; now it is something that requires a tag-team approach and a hefty dose of patience.

All of the boy's toddling took its toll, and he spent the rest of the sunny afternoon as he appears in today's #366 photo. This gave the husband and me the chance to finish our food and chat properly with some dear friends we haven't seen for a while. Their children are five and three years old, so entertaining them involved telling and listening to jokes and discussing Moshi Monsters collectable cards, but pleasingly, whilst sitting down!

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